Sinking Your Battleship

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One of the most common reasons why businesses and agencies jump into social media seems to be “well, everybody is doing it, so I feel we need to.”

It always makes me groan because I know that I will shortly face some blank stares when I ask “what do you hope to gain from social media?”

When you are playing around in social media, as an individual, it is perfectly okay to test the waters and figure out what works.  But, when you are business, you must sit down with your managers or department heads and seek to identify the gains, marks and measures that will define your success.

Here are some metrics to consider:

  • Engaging in 2-way conversations
  • Developing relationships that you can use to better understand the community or crowd-source solutions
  • Better understanding of your business by those you engage with
  • Increasing customers or inquiries about your business
  • Better participation in events
  • Enhanced media coverage (if this applies to your business)

All too often, people track the statistics that the social media tools provide them with…..but if you really want returns on the investment of your time, the “website hit” must result in something more tangible.

Consider your goals and develop a strategy.  To use social media randomly will result in unsure commitments, perceptions of time wasted and challenges during an agency’s implementation.  Think ahead….and don’t let your battleship be sunk.

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