I Miss You

Creative Commons via http://vi.sualize.us

They are 3 very simple words and yet they caught me off guard this week and caused me to re-examine my personal engagement with people on Twitter.

When a friend of mine said that she “missed me on Twitter,” I was rather surprised because I hadn’t left Twitter.  In fact, the day prior, I had commented quite prolifically into a number of conversations.  By the time the sun went down, the final count was somewhere around 78 tweets that had escaped my fingers.  So, how could ANYONE miss me on Twitter?

But then her next comment helped me to better understand as she said, “Yes, you were on Twitter, but you were busy talking to your professional friends and I don’t know how to engage with them.”

This simple explanation made me realize something very important:  I follow and engage with a number of different groups of people on Twitter.

They include…

  • Emergency Managers
  • Social Media Enthusiasts
  • Politicians
  • News Media
  • Local Food Carts, and
  • People from Within my Local Community

And, as I looked back at my conversations on Twitter in the previous days, I realized that I had become focused in one subset of my friends and followers, almost to the exclusion of others.  On any social media platform, it is relatively easy to become one-dimensional; however, this is risky unless you are only following one-type of audience.

Showing more than one-dimension to your online engagement helps your audience better understand who you are and where your message is coming from.  Just like in the face-to-face world, your actions will often speak louder than your words, even when you are limited to 140 characters.

Thanks to my friend for sharing this simple lesson with me.

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