Measuring What Counts

Today was an interesting day in the world of social media discussions.  In my email, I initially read the blog post by Benjamin Strong entitled “Mad as Hell” which would have made me laugh, but unfortunately, it’s altogether true. 

Over the past 2.5 years, I have been significantly involved in implementing a social media strategy in my emergency management program. 

Changing communications practices in my emergency management program has involved the following activities:

  • policy development
  • establishing procedures
  • implementing, managing and training staff on the use of Wikis, Blogs, Facebook and Twitter
  • updating an agency website
  • participating in community best practice discussions

I would love to tell you that the cultural transformation is complete; however, there is still so much work to be done in the public sector.  How do I know this?  Because I often find myself answering the same question:

How do you “allow employees to use social
media” and still get their jobs done?

In order for social media tools to finally “jump the broom” and transform how we do business, we must stop managing the process and manage by outcomes/objectives

Far too often, managers ask me how I “set the limits” on an employee’s time or site visits.  And I get an interesting reply when I say that I don’t.  Outcomes are established and monitored.  And as long as the processes used are legal and ethical, does it really matter how a person got there?

Measure what counts!  We can spend time counting beans, but creating new and novel approaches are rare when process is measured more regularly than the outcomes. 

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